Open Android Apps On PC [How To]

In the latest technology world, the popularity of smartphone and tablet PC increases, so there a huge applications and games for them. Most of those applications and games only build for smartphone and tablet pc and unavailable for PC.

Thanks to the BlueStacks, Silicon Valley based company who released an alpha version of app player, a program build to either download directly or transfer an application and games from Android based smartphone or tablet pc to their PC.

The app player creates a virtual environment on the PC which able to act as mobile device.The software is still in early development period so you might get some bugs and performance error.

Getting Started With BlueStacks

BlueStacks app player is really simple to use, the only complicated thing is to apps from a mobile device to a PC. You need to download and install app player, for this you can visit BlueStacks website.

The alpha version of the BlueStacks app player is full screen version of windows PC but in future the player will run in a window and will even permit shortcuts directly to Android apps.

A short video describing how to work with BlueStacks app player and its some features will run instantly after the installation of the application.It requires minimal space and consumes few system resources; but it does launch automatically with your PC, and it displays a status icon in the system tray.

Once the app player get installed, you can give hands-on some apps preinstalled in it or with the few apps available for download within the BlueStacks ‘Add more apps’ channel. In order to download apps from BlueStacks, you need to register for a free BlueStacks account with either a working email address or a Facebook account.

Another way is also available to get an application on your app player which can be from your Android device to your PC via the company’s Cloud Connect mobile app and servers.

Transferring Your Android Apps to Your PC

In order to use Cloud Connect mobile app service to transfer Android apps from your mobile device to your PC, you must have BlueStacks PIN which will make available for you when you register an e-mail address or Facebook account with the BlueStacks app player. This PIN appears as soon as you register, as well as when you click the ‘Cloud Connect’ link within the ‘Get More Apps’ tool in the BlueStacks app player. You need to download and install BlueStacks Cloud Connect in your android phone from Android Market. Essentially, the Cloud Connect app uploads selected apps from your phone to BlueStacks’ servers, where your PC can then access and download them to your PC.

Transferring apps from a mobile device to the BlueStacks app player involves entering a personal code assigned to your account during registration, to link the PC and mobile device through BlueStacks’ servers.

Simply launch the application, select the android apps on your device that you like to transfer to the PC. Then click the Sync button at the top of the interface, and wait for the apps to upload. After the uploaded apps should be visible in the BlueStacks app player on your PC when you launch the ‘Get More Apps’ tool.


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