First Ice Cream Smartphone Nexus Prime?

Samsung Nexus Prime is going to be the is first Google Android phones loaded with Ice Cream. Ice Cream Android OS is said to be the combination of three platform, smartphones, tablets and TVs. Folks on BGR get reported from some trusted source that Google is going to revealed their next generation Nexus probably named as Nexus Prime with Android 4 aka Ice Cream.


Samsung Nexus and Nexus S brings a good success in war of smartphones, Prime will be the successor of the Google Nexus S. It will features with the Super AMOLED HD screen with 720p resolution, an OMAP4460 processor, and a physical button-less design.

Soon after the available, the Nexus Prime will have all the major carries like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Interesting rumor,

Source: BGR

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