Updated Pandora App For Android Brings New User Interface, Song History And Lyrics

Pandora Android app for music streaming service has been updated. The app has received some new features. So, if Pandora is the music streaming service that you use, there may be some treat for you.

With number of updates on enhancements, Pandora Android app, the internet radio has now opted for new User Interface as per the guideline set by Google. And the navigation has been made further easier. The app has further received change in appearance to a white and blue theme. Similarly, you can notice larger album covers and easy reach over playback controls.

Not only design, the new Pandora app for Android has been set with tools now enabling you to rate, review and bookmark the tracks that you had played previously via retooled song history. It’s not just limited here, while playing a particular song, minimizing the album art will let you reveal information of song, lyrics and also the Pandora’s recommendations. Isn’t it cool? So, why don’t you grab it for your Android device if you still don’t have it.

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