Use Android Tablet Or Compatible Smartphone As Secondary Display [How To]

Do you own an Android tablet? What do you use it for? Let me guess, definitely to browse web. After all we have desktops and laptop PC to perform other works. But it might wonder you that you can use your Android tablet or smartphone as a Secondary display too. As it is a portable touchscreen device, you might be looking forward to improve productivity during the working hours.

So, in this tutorial basically, I will be letting you know how to use Android tablet or a compatible smartphone as secondary display to your personal computer. Just follow up the steps carefully while you configure your tablet so that you end up exploring something really wonderful rather than damaging your device.


  1. An Android tablet running Android 3.01 or newer
  2. PC running on Windows XP (32-bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit)
  3. Download PC apps (Air Display,  iDisplayRedfly ScreenSlider) any one, we will be demonstrating with Redfly ScreenSlider. The apps may charge you some amount. Redfly ScreenSlider charges 0.99$.
  4. If you are trying this in a Wi-Fi connection, make sure you connect both PC and tablet in the same network.

Get your tablet working as secondary display in following steps:

  1. Install the app, ScreenSlider that you have downloaded.
  2. Run the app, as it launches it asks to enter a unique name for your tablet.
  3. Enter you desired name and leave the app running. Here you are almost done with your tablet setup.
  4. Get PC connector app. Download from ScreenSlider website.
  5. Install the companion app on your PC with all the default setup options. To confirm the setup, you will notice ScreenSlider icon in the system tray.
  6. Open ScreenSlider PC menu
  7. Click Find Devices link at the top. On doing this, you will see a dialogue box appear and the app will start scanning network for the tablet. If the tablet and PC are on the same network and subnet, and if the ScreenSlider app is running on the tablet, after a few moments the tablet should appear in the list of available devices, with its IP address and the name you entered in step 3.
  8. Double click the tablets entry in the list. On doing this, a pop-up appears on tablets screen asking for a unique PIN. You need to enter that PIN into the connection window on the PC.
  9. Are you done? If yes, click OK.
Here you are, if you have followed these steps correctly then your tablet should now begin working as a secondary display in extended desktop mode.



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