Without Firmware Downgrading, Root LG Revolution VS910 [How To]

Are you looking forward to root your LG Revolution VS910? We present to you a tutorial to root your LG Revolution. In this tutorial you will learn how to root LG Revolution VS910. The most impressive fact is that you no longer have to downgrade your firmware base.

For those unknown about the term “rooting”, just simple understand that root enables your android fly higher. You will be able to install custom apps and ROMs. Before you start rooting, one thing you have to keep in mind is that rooting your device will void the warranty of your device but there are certain revoke process as well which will let you claim it back.

So, before we move on to root process, make considerations over following things:

  • Do not try over devices other than LG Revolution
  • Make sure of the firmware base – V8 and V9
  • Windows PC is suggested over Mac and Linux
  • And the most important thing is, we do not held any responsibilities for any kind of malfunctioning in your device. Try this on your own risk.
So, let’s Root LG Revolution VS910 Without Firmware Downgrading.
Step 3: Prepare your phone:
  1. Backup everything necessary like apps, contacts, APN settings…..
  2. Make sure of the firmware base – V8 or V9 (To check Settings >> About Phone)
  3. USB debugging mode should be enabled. (Settings>> Applications>> Developments>> USB debugging)
  4. Make sure all the firewalls and security suites have been disabled.
  5. Get your LG Revolution charged, at least 70% battery.
Step 4: Install the LG support file, that we had downloaded earlier.
Step 5: Now, extract the rooting package that we had downloaded earlier. Extract it somewhere in desired location in your PC.
Step 6: After extracting the package, run the executable file.
 Step 6: With the help of USB cable, get your phone connected to PC.
Step 7: After your device is detected, just start the process hitting ENTER.
Step 8: Now what you have to do is just wait for the process to finish. You might need to wait around 5-7 minutes approximately.
Step 8: You will notice your LG Revolution restarting to confirm the completion of rooting.
Step 9: Has home screen appeared? Just disconnect LG revolution from PC.
Here, you are. Your LG Revolution VS910 has successfully been rooted and amazingly you didn’t even have to downgrade it.


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  1. Tim

    Apr 19. 2013

    Thanks! I tried a few and this one actually worked :)

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